Welcome to Gooseberry Books!

Gooseberry Books is an exciting new imprint of children’s books launching with The Rug Bear, Gooseberry Books aims to publish illustrated picture books for both children and parents to enjoy and treasure.


The Rug Bear_CVR.jpg

The Rug Bear is a story of a bear who, while playing hide and seek in a wood with his friends, Lion and Fox, falls asleep under a tree. A mouse, hare, squirrel and ladybug mistake him for a cozy rug to sit on and get quite a surprise when he wakes up!

It would suit two to five-year olds and it would be an ideal story for children and adults to act out in the storytelling. 

Mike Terry’s wonderful illustrations have brought the words to life and given character to the animals, while art editor, Andrew Watson cleverly integrated the text and has brought colour and detail to the book.


Michael Terry - Illustrator

I have illustrated many children's books in my long career but this one stands out above the rest.

The books I have illustrated range from my first venture into children's books with Dick-King Smith then 'The Selfish Crocodile' by Faustin Charles published by Bloomsbury back in 1998.

I had been illustrating a good while before this in the advertising and editorial world but stepping into children's books and working on books such as 'The Rug Bear' by Emma has been a real pleasure. A clever plot which will have children longing for more and I wish her every success with it and look forward to seeing her next venture.”

The Rug Bear is due for publication Spring 2019. If you would like to be notified when the publication date is confirmed and be first to receive a copy, please email us and we will notify you of publication news and launch events.